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Laser marking system

With laser marking, you can label laser-activated labels efficiently, permanently and in a forgery-proof way. Laser marking is resistant to chemicals and UV light. With labelling solutions from Peyer Marking, you can increase process reliability and reduce production costs because no consumables are required. 

peyer marking Laser Kennzeichnungssystem HERMA H400


Tag and label more efficiently

With the new types of laser-activated labels, higher process security and lower production costs are achieved. The system for laser-activated labels is ideally suited for packaging and shipping labelling, batch and lot labelling and the optimisation of internal logistics.

Laser-activated labels can be labelled precisely and economically with the modular HERMA H400 labeller with servo motor and the K-1000 CO2 laser system from KBA-Metronic: The laser beam produces a high-contrast colour change from white to black on the smudge and grease-resistant label material.

Since the laser does not work ablatively, there are no smearable fission products, nor is the label material damaged. For this reason, the surface of the labels remains absolutely smudge-proof and scratch-resistant even after printing. They are available as paper labels or laminated with OPP foil, which results in a large area of application for the laser-activated labels, such as in cooling and wet areas or in chemical-technical production plants, as they are abrasion-resistant and solvent-resistant.





Secure and low maintenance

The economical system solution with labels, labellers and lasers:

  • Ideal for all subsequent labelling in the process
  • Requires no consumables and is low in maintenance
  • Realises graphics or codes
  • Labels made of paper or laminated with OPP foil
  • Smudge- and scratch-resistant results (solvent-resistant)
  • Suitable for use in wet areas
  • High marking speeds even in throughfeed
  • Increases process reliability and lowers production costs


Fast and reliable

Also in the concept network, the labeller and the CO2 laser convince with their properties that have been tried and tested in industrial applications, such as speed, process reliability and economy, and enable flexible and reliable labelling of laser-activated labels while they are running or at a standstill. Label sizes up to 250 x 250 mm can be easily realised with the K-1000 series of the laser system.

In contrast to other technologies, the labelling system for laser-activated labels works contactless.





Process-reliable and economical

That is why it is particularly well suited for use under harsh environmental conditions, where the wear and tear on thermal strips is usually high with thermal transfer systems. Since the laser does not require any resources and consumables, there are no costs and resulting downtimes in production. If the laser is installed directly over the dispenser edge of the labeller, even the last label can be labelled and used directly on the dispenser edge.

All in all, the system is ideally suited for the subsequent labelling of labels, e.g. with batch and lot information or with information for shipping and internal logistics. The laser labelling system is the perfect solution for everyone who is interested in increasing process reliability and reducing production costs.




Data sheet for downloading:


HERMA Laser marking system




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