HOMEPAGE Edding compact printing system

edding compact printing system

Peyer Marking has chosen a technologically advanced compact printing system from the edding brand for you.

edding compact printers are the new generation of innovative Industry 4.0 marking solutions and will convince you with best reliability, highest connectivity and unbeatable ease of use.

Compact, reliable, intuitive to use and ready for the future - the new edding compact printers in-line and portable.

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edding in-line series
edding portable series
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edding in-line series

With its numerous inputs and outputs, the edding in-line can communicate with both upstream and downstream systems as required and be fully integrated into the network.

Thanks to its robust aluminum housing, it demonstrates maximum reliability. Thanks to edding's ink expertise, high-resolution printing (600 dpi) with different ink types as well as colors is possible on almost any material such as cardboard, plastic, glass and metal.

Particularly suitable for users looking for an extremely reliable, efficient, error-free and environmentally friendly marking solution with cost control.

VIDEO: Installation edding in-line

edding inline

edding portable series

The edding portable enables the redefinition of internal production and logistics processes. Equipped with the immense functionalities of the in-line printer, supplemented by a positioning laser and an industrial rechargeable battery, it offers the perfect solution for use away from the production line in the form of a portable printer.

The portable can be used to apply barcodes, datamatrix codes, text and logos in high-resolution 600-dpi quality anywhere. The cartridge system allows color change within seconds, while the original Metabo LiHD battery with 4 Ah can run the printer non-stop for up to 6 hours.

With communication technology, it is possible to capture the data for encoding from any existing data source within the company or simply use a barcode scanner to generate the print text.

VIDEO: Installation edding portable

edding portable

Your advantages

Advantages of the edding compact printer series


  • All-in-one box with all accessories needed for printing & Installation and start-up in minutes: compact design and animated user guide
  • Input via precise touch screen, cordless keyboard, mobile devices or PC
  • Ethernet including SNMT for connection to ERP systems
  • Automatic cartridge reorder service
  • High-resolution 600 dpi printing for razor-sharp print results
  • Choice of ink types and colors for almost any material and surface
  • Environmentally friendly due to minimal solvent requirements
  • High cost control: real cost per print, no maintenance costs
  • Wide range of digital and analog inputs and outputs including digital multi-I/O
  • Rugged industrial design with high quality Yamaichi accessory connectors
  • Extremely durable and high quality aluminum housing


Additional with the edding portable version:


  • Includes Metabo LiHD industrial battery with 4 Ah: enables 6 hours of operating time.
  • Metabo battery can also be used with any other Metabo power tool
  • Alternatively, can also be used with 8 Ah high-performance battery for 12 hours of non-stop operation
  • Integrated positioning laser supports coding in the right place
  • Ergonomic design for durable working
  • Flexible and independent printer at any workplace
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