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cab XC4 & XC6 thermal transfer printer or
Valentin DuoPrint 107/12 & 160/12

The need to print labels in multiple colours has not only been around since the introduction of the new GHS classification and labelling system for chemicals.

Peyer Marking Thermotransferdrucker Cab XC4
Technical data


Because in addition to warning signs, logos, promotional prices or advertising notices often need to be printed in a different colour. With the two-colour label printers, the perfect solution is now available.

The thermal transfer printers have two thermal transfer printing units arranged one behind the other for simultaneous printing of labels or continuous material in different colours. All components are housed in a compact, stable housing made of cast aluminium. Paper or plastic labels that are UV and weather resistant can be processed. There is a large selection of coloured transfer foils available, including gold and silver foils.

With the proven thermal transfer process, sharp and scratch-resistant prints with a high level of profitability are guaranteed. There is also greater flexibility due to the fact that the number of preprints on a label can be reduced.

The metal housing is extremely stable and is equipped with a 300 mm unwinder for large rolls of material. Printing is carried out with a resolution of 300 dpi and a printing width of 105.6 mm to 162.6 mm. The first printing unit is additionally equipped with an automatic foil saver, which is used for partially printed labels by lifting the print head in the unprinted area and thereby saving transfer foil.



Technical data


cab XC4 & XC6

DuoPrint 107/12 & 160/12

Printing principle

Thermal transfer

Thermal transfer

Print resolution

300 dpi

300 dpi

Print speed

30 / 40 / 50 /
75 / 100 / 125 mm/sec.

DuoPrint 107/12 150 mm/sec.
DuoPrint 160/12 160 mm/sec.

Print width

cab XC4 105,6 mm
cab XC6 162,6 mm

DuoPrint 107/12 106,6 mm
DuoPrint 160/12 160 mm




Optimal accessories for maximum benefit:


  • Cutting knife (only for the model cab XC4 & XC6)
  • Stacker with cutting knife (only for the model cab XC4)
  • External rewinder




Data sheet for downloading:


Thermal transfer printer EOS A8 XD4T XC


Thermal transfer printer Valentin DuoPrint



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